Since the EPA recently amended the RRP to allow a contractor to collect paint chip samples, will KDHE allow the contractor to collect paint chip samples as well?

No. Kansas regulations do not allow for the collection of paint chip samples by anyone other than a certified risk assessor or lead inspector who is employed by a licensed lead activity firm.

Q. I want to comply with EPA/KDHE Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule. What do I need to do?

Firms must be licensed by KDHE. To become licensed, renovation contractors must submit an application and fee payment to KDHE. An application can be found here. Once licensed, the firm will be able to advertise that they are a KDHE licensed company under the RRP program and you will be given authorization to use KDHE's Licensed Renovator Firm logo. If you would like to have a copy of the logo, please send an email request to kdhe.lead@ks.gov.

Renovations covered by the rule must be performed or directed by a Certified Renovator. Individuals can become a certified renovator by completing a one-day training course in Lead-Safe Work Practices. A list of KDHE accredited training providers can be found here. All applications for licensure must be received within 1 year from the completion date of your LSWP training class. If it has been over a year since your training, you will be required to take a 4-hour refresher course.

  • If you have already taken a Lead-Safe Work Practices class by a non-KDHE accredited training provider, you will be required to take an online exam before becoming licensed to perform work in Kansas.

Q. I am planning to renovate my home. How can I find a licensed firm?

A list of licensed firms can be found here. You can also send an email or call 866-865-3233 to speak to a staff member who can assist you to find out if a firm is licensed.

Q. How long will it take KDHE to process my application to become licensed?

Processing time of applications is generally around 7 days as long as all information submitted on the application is correct and completed. You will be notified of any missing information needed and will have 30 days to submit any additional documentation.

Q. What happens if my firm is in the middle of a renovation job and none of my employees or my firm is not licensed? What should I do?

All renovation work that is included in the Renovation, Repair and Painting rule must be done by a licensed firm only. All work must be ceased until your company and employees are properly trained and licensed.

Q. I operate a renovation firm and I have heard that Kansas has adopted its own lead Renovation, Repair and Painting program. Do I have to also be certified by EPA?

As of April 09, 2010, Kansas was authorized to run our own RRP program. You are only required to be licensed in Kansas if you are performing the work in Kansas. If you are also working outside of Kansas, you will need to contact the EPA to see if you are required to be licensed with them or if that state has their own RRP program.

Q. Are schools subject to the RRP rule?

Yes. RRP applies to all schools public, private and alternative. The RRP rule affects all facilities where children are present under the age of 6 that visit the property at least 2 different days in a week with each days visit lasting 3 hours or more and a combined visit of 6 hours a week with an annual visit of 60 hours.

Q. Are stained surfaces subject to the RRP Rule?

Yes. This is considered a coating.

Q. I am a handyman working alone. Do I need to be licensed as a firm?

Yes, you will need both the individual and the firm license.

Q: I live in one unit of a duplex and I own and rent the other. Do I need RRP certification?

Yes, if you do maintenance or repair work on the rental unit.

Q: I own and rent a home where the tenants do repair work at the property. In return I lower their monthly rent for their work. Can my tenants continue to do the work or no because of the RRP rule?

No, your tenants cannot perform the work on the property unless they are a licensed renovator and either employed by or licensed as a renovation firm. Rent is considered compensation under the rule.

Q: How does the Kansas RRP regulations differ from those of the EPA?

  1. Heat guns are prohibited in Kansas
  2. Test kits to determine the presence of lead in surface coatings is prohibited in Kansas.
  3. The use of paint chip and dust sampling is only allowed by a licensed Risk Assessor or Lead  Inspector in Kansas.